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An intuitive painter, she was born and raised in the icy lands of Northern Europe, in Finland, where she spent her childhood and youth. It was the flat landscapes, the endless horizons, and the rhythm and changing colors of each season that shaped her character and protected her spirit. He played and grew up close to nature, using sticks, leaves, and stones as his first artistic creations.


Hello and welcome!

I'm honored that you're here!

I hope that in these pages

Your gaze relaxes

Your mouth smiles

Your heart warms.


I'd be delighted to hear from you!




Hi! Welcome!

My canvases always allow me to take authentic journeys inward, because when I start a painting, there is never a prior plan, it just happens.

Intuitive painting happens in a building process, layer by layer, we add paints, marks, more paints, and more marks, and at the same time, we have to decide what to keep and what to let go of... Each painting teaches you how to listen better, how to follow your intuition, and go deeper.



To awaken the creative process in every human being is to remind them of their origins. How many of us think that creativity is only the right of a select few? Life itself is the pure energy of creativity. By opening ourselves up to this innate force in every human being, we connect with the Creator. In its purest form, creativity is always a mystical union that returns us home.

As a daughter of the Earth, I walk barefoot, honoring truth and elevating life in deep, creative prayer. With an open heart, humility, and gratitude, I am at your service to awaken the Light in everyone!


It's with great joy that I'm here, sharing with you what art has taught me throughout my life and continues to teach me.

When I was a child and teenager, I wanted to be an actress. From 10th to 12th grade, I went to a high school that specialized in the arts, especially theatre. I loved theatre classes and the stage! I also wrote poetry and I remember so well the proud look on my mum's face when she introduced me to her friends as "my poet daughter!" That most beautiful validation from my mum has always remained in my heart.



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