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My canvases always allow me to take authentic journeys inward, because when I start a painting, there is never a prior plan, it just happens.

Intuitive painting happens in a building process, layer by layer, we add paints, marks, more paints, and more marks, and at the same time, we have to decide what to keep and what to let go of... Each painting teaches you how to listen better, how to follow your intuition, and go deeper. Sometimes finding the right direction takes time, but taking a risk, "getting out of the way", or in other words, letting go of the desire to control the process, is when the magic happens!

This search for my untried parts, in a movement of expansion towards my greater self, allows me to remain a beginner before each painting, bringing a feeling of deep gratitude.

The result of the painting is the path traveled, the expression of an almost visceral connection with Nature, Divinity, and the Sacredness.

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